Cum in mouth premature eyaculation / Precoz le acaba en la boca con rica mamada: Free Mobile Porn Tube

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3 years ago
first time i sucked a cock had no idea what i was doing or to expect, man was 30 years older than me, i had his cock in my mouth for maybe 20 seconds and he started cumming, held my head down so i swallowed what I could.
Captain Oblivious 2 years ago
What you just saw was a nervous reaction. Sometimes guys really want to get into it, but nerves keep the dick soft even though they’re getting sucked. Then, as soon as they get hard they pop. I videotaped live amateur porn for 13 years and saw this happen often. Guys new to being watched do this.
USA 3 years ago
Name? More vid links?
Of course he came quick 3 years ago
He has an xbox
Alan 2 years ago
This is hot because it is real there are alot of video like this but this is the that looks real he was soft when he took it out she sucked and he came there were no cuts it didnt start in the middle and the fact that she kept looking at the camera made it hotter because she was not looking at a professional cameraman she was looking at her boyfriend/husband who was watching her suck another guys cock.
uh huh 3 years ago
I love this vid. I don't blame him one bit. She's fukken smoken hott and blows perfectly. I woulda cum like a fire hydrant
Sammy sc Cumming 3 years ago
Sammy loves swallowing warm salty Dick cum
Dude 3 years ago
She swallowed some of the cum
Bubba Gumps 3 years ago
First time I sucked a dick I just sucked on it he shot his load all over my mouth there was so much I not only gag on it but he shoved his cock down my throat and maybe puke from so much the second time he crammed is cocktail my throat until he blew his nuts and I puked the third time I started finding out swallow it back down to this day I still love a cock slammed in my throat and making me gag while swallowing a humongous load
jkf 1 year ago
her name pls